What to do in Prague

Prague has a reputation as a “must see” city – and for a good reason. You can check out TripAdvisor suggestions for Prague, and here, we have some tips for you from one Agilist to another. If you arrive early, or stay late, here are our favorite places that we recommend you check out.

  1. John Lennon Wall. This site is an epitome of self-organization, ownership. and persistance.
  2. Prague Castle. This location is on most people’s #1 must-see in Prague. Largest coherent castle complex in the world.
  3. Strahov Library. Y’all are learners – imagine learning in this delightful picturesque library!
  4. Go for walks: Petrin Hill. Letna park.
  5. Go for bike rides along the river, or in the city.
  6. Experience endless vibe of the city in “Naplavka – the river bank filled with people, bars, music and live atmosphere. It’s actually very close to the ALE venue, either walkable, or take tram to stop “Palackeho Namesti” or metro to “Karlovo Namesti”and go towards river. Prepare to chillax in one of the many bars, or just walk and explore the river.
  7. Krymska street – this is one of the “most happening hangout” place, if you ask locals. This relatively small street in city district “Vrsovice” is filled with alternative and authentic coffee places, pubs, vegan restaurants, cider bars and in general it can’t deny it’s overall “hipster” atmosphere, like you can find in Berlin. Especially in the evening, this street is filled with expats, locals and everyone who is open to socialize.
  8. Parks – Riegrovy sady or Havlickovy sady. Take a moment to enjoy these two great parks allowing you spectacular views over Prague. Riegrovy sady park is famous for breathtaking views to Prague Castle and for it’s Beer Garden which is Prague’s #1 place to go, if there is some sport event going on (like hockey championship). Havlickovy sady park, on the other hand, offers very own vineyard with it’s own vine production. So grab a glass of wine from winery, enjoy gorgeous views or go explore local Grotto. This is ultimate way to escape from being a “tourist”.
  9. Vysehrad – “An absolute gem”, “Fascinating place”. This used to be the “Summer Castle”, and it and its surroundings are a great way to spend sunny afternoon with your family. It offers great views, well-kept greenery, places to grab some drinks and simply allows you to fully relax and recharge your batteries.



Czechia is renown for its beers, and there are many to chose from! The first place listed here is rather touristy, but still worth a visit. Others are further afield, and worth the trip plus a good excuse to explore the city beyond the beaten path.

  1. Beer Museum – not a museum at all, but a pub with a large selection of local and imported beers.
  2. Brevnov Monastery – made according to the monks’ old time recipe.
  3. Strahov Monastery

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