Extra Program

The following programs are Extra sessions that are available at special rate to ALE attendees. These are in-depth trainings and workshops conducted by ALE participants.

All sessions will be held in English.




Richard Kasperowski

Friday Aug 25, 9 AM – 5 PM

High-performance Teams: Culture & Core Protocols

Our team can be ten times better.

What does that mean? That means your professional team can accomplish 10x more work, do it with 10x more quality, 10x faster, or with 10x fewer resources. Your family can be 10x happier. Your school can be 10x more effective at helping people learn. Your community group can be 10x better at making life better for the people it serves. Even you yourself can be 10x more effective at getting what you want.

In other words, you can be great. Your team can be great.

Summary in 30-second video.

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Peter Moreno

Saturday Aug 26, 9:30 AM – 5 PM

Integral Coaching in Service of your Service to this World

This session can also be called Inner Innovation for Agile Coaches. It is about personal transformation and self-development to be able to bring the best of you to your personal and professional life.

During this time together we will focus on the following topics:

  1. Your Service towards the Agile Community and the Clients you serve 

  2. Your Unique Path for Personal Development and Inner Strength

  3. Your Potential, Gifts and Talents that need listening and appreciation to flourish (grow your self-esteem)

If you are looking for a space where you can go deeper in your humanness, authenticity and personal well-being, this workshop is for you. We will be practicing Mindfulness, Psychological and Integral Coaching tools to evolve and grow together.

This workshop is mainly experiencial and practical, theory will be given to facilitate your experience!

Any questions please let us know…

Experience Life with Awareness

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Per Beining

Sunday Aug 27

9 AM – 12 PM: Facilitation Workshop

Facilitation is one of the most important tools every Scrum Master, Product Owner and Manager should master.

In this training session you will learn the techniques that can evolve you from the meeting leader to the facilitator. You will be introduced to an easy-to-understand process to successfully prepare and complete workshops. You learn a lot of concrete tips and tricks that you as facilitator should focus on to involve and engage participants.

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1 – 4 PM: Graphic Facilitation Workshop

I invite you inside into my collection of tips, trix and strategies for how to do Graphic facilitation including how to create posters with headlines, drawings and Sticky men. And how to plan and execute your facilitation with Graphical aids.

This session is targeted those who want to learn the basics of graphic facilitation. Beside learning how to draw Posters, you will also get insigt into how to use this in an Agile setup.

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Judy Rees

Thursday Aug 31, 9 AM – 5 PM

Deepening Team Connections With Clean Language

How can you develop deeper, more productive relationships between team members. Clean Language offers a straightforward process to do just that, supporting clear communication and effective collaboration.

Clean Language looks very simple, so it can be introduced quickly and easily in a variety of group situations, especially with groups of colleagues. Once adopted more widely as a way of working together, it can support exceptional individual and team performance.

In this highly-interactive workshop, you will go deeper, and learn how to help others to do the same. You’ll experience the impact of some specific Clean Language techniques and explore how you can share them effectively in your work.

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