One of the hallmarks of ALE is being an “unconference”, meaning its program is designed by the participants themselves, using the format of Open Space Technology (OST).
The beauty of this approach is that those who propose a session topic are passionate about it, either to talk about it, or to learn about it from others, and the session attendees self-select to contribute to that topic’s discussion.

For 2017, let us know your ideas for the program at , Better yet, join us in one of the Organizing Sofas (committees):

  • Program Sofa
  • Sponsorship Sofa
  • Fun Plans Sofa
  • Kids and Families Program Sofa

For the conference program, submit your topics and wild ideas for presentations in any of these formats:

  • Lightning Talks (3 minutes)
  • Pecha Kucha (6 minutes)
  • session presentation (60 minutes)

Submission form is here.

For reference, here are examples of program boards from past ALE’s.


Help us make this event inspiring and unforgettable! 🙂