Selected Presentations

Monday Aug 28, 11:50 – 12:45
Michael Saunders The Future of Work Zurich 1
Dimitar Karaivanov Scaling Agile – The First Person View Zurich 2
Patrick Steyaert End-to-end flow with Customer and Upstream Kanban Zurich 3
Richard Kasperowski High-performance Teams: Culture and Core Protocols Zurich 4
Matthias Seul Organizational Agility – What works. What doesn’t work. What we can do. A Study. Prague
Manuel Kueblboeck De-scale your organization to Agile Cairo 2
Tuesday Aug 29, 10:00-11:50
Patrick Lobacher Agile Leadership and Goal Management with Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) Zurich 1
Roxana Grigore Scaling Agile: collaboration needed beyond IT organization – adidas examples Zurich 2
Mina Boström Nakićenović, Simon Boström Swimming in the Blue Ocean Zurich 3
Ken Power Using Sensemaking to Address Complex Challenges in Teams and Organizations Zurich 4
Dariusz Wylon Crafting a true Management 3.0 Company Prague
Bernhard Bockelbrink Agile Collaboration with the S3 Delegation Canvas Cairo 2
Peter Moreno Understanding Agile Through the Levels of Consciousness Madrid