Who we are:

The Agile Lean Europe network sparked from an idea of XP 2011 attendees who dreamt of enabling idea sharing for new and experienced agilists across Europe. The idea was to enable and nurture a community of Agile & Lean thinkers and activists acrss Europe with avenues for collaboration, information sharing, discussions, and, as an agile community, to enable self-organization.

Sparks who promoted this idea included Jurgen Apello (Netherlands), Marc Clemens (Germany), Olaf Lewitz (Germany), Vasco Duarte (Finland), Jacopo Romei (Italy), Ken Power (Ireland) and Sergey Dmitriev (Norway/Russia).

ALE network…

  • … has over 4500 members on LinkedIn (and still growing!)
  • … is about practitioners, not listening to thought leaders
  • … is completely non-profit
  • … has sustained itself for over six years without any need of formal structures or management

ALE members…

  • … do stuff, make something and take action.
  • … learn from the experience of other industries too, not just IT

Feel free to check ALE LinkedIn and website and see for yourself!

Since 2011, volunteers from the ALE network have organized annual un-conferences to meet old and new friends, to exchange opinions and learn or share.

So far, the events were held in Berlin (2011), Barcelona (2012), Bucharest (2013), Krakow (2014), Sofia (2015) and Paris (2016)

This year will be on August 28-30, 2017  in historic city of Prague!

Join us and register for the best un-conference of 2017!.


Links to past ALEs:

www.ale2016.eu in Paris
www.ale2015.eu in Sofia


The very ALE vision, as co-created on 10 May 2011:

Some photos from last year’s ALE: